Environmental Management

Environmental Management System

Contribution to sustainability means for us an active comprehensive management approach. Our Environmental Management System is to control the environmental activities, to encourage the environmental awareness of the employees, to create legal security in regards of environmental issues and to assure environmental processes. The Environmental Management System fullfills the requirement of the standard DIN EN ISO 14001.


We, Yamaichi Electronics, are convinced that retention of a global, sustainable environment is an unavoidable topic for humanity as a whole. For this reason we manage our company in such a way that we contribute to a more sustainable future.

Basic Guidelines

In accordance with our slogan ‘Green Earth for Tomorrow’ Yamaichi Electronics is committed to the following guidelines:

1. Implementation of measures
Yamaichi Electronics implements measures to minimise waste, save energy and reduce possible damage to the environment from our products and services.

2. Continuous improvement and prevention of environmental damage 
At Yamaichi Electronics measures are implemented for the continuous improvement and assurance of appropriate implementation of waste reduction, saving resources and recycling.

3. Adherence to environmentally relevant regulations
Yamaichi Electronics will adhere to the appropriate laws and/or regulations regarding environmental protection, as valid in the relevant countries or districts and fulfils the requirements of interest groups and/or other third parties in connection with environmental topics. Yamaichi Electronics requires environment-friendly products and services from their suppliers, contractors and partners by contract. Contractors operating on the company’s site must commit to keeping our environmental policy and measures.

4. Promotion of educational programmes on the topic of environmental protection
Yamaichi Electronics supports training and educational measures on the topic of environmental protection in order to encourage employees to save resources and reduce waste and to cooperate actively in the retention of a sustainable environment.

5. Yamaichi Electronics Group makes its "Environmental Policy" public.


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