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Hot-Melt Technology Y-HMT

Hot-Melt Technology Y-HMT

Hot-Melt Technology made by Yamaichi

The low-pressure injection molding process HOT-MELT enables the gentle coating of sensitive electronic components. Due to the resistance to high temperatures, moisture, oils or disinfectants of the used plastics, the HOT-MELT process is interesting for components which have to be protected against damaging environmental influences, e.g. in the automotive or medical technology.
The HOT-MELT process is characterized by high flexibility and comparatively low tooling costs. Therefore it is attractive for small series and prototype construction. In the HOT-MELT process, the components are placed in a tool form that is produced based on individual requirements and directly overmoulded with the melting plastic. After cooling, the coated components are immediately available for further processing. The one-component system of the HOT-MELT molding process is a simple, fast and clean production process.


  • Low pressure injection molding process for highly sensitive components
  • Especially suitable for small series and prototype production
  • Wide range of materials for nearly every requirement acc. Temperature, Hardness (Shore) or chemical resistance
  • Very suitable for medical applications because of high resistance against aggressive substances, for example cleaning alcohol
  • Low tooling costs
  • High flexibility