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High-Speed Data Networking

High-Speed Data Networking

High Speed Connectors

Yamaichi Electronics is the leading company for 112G high speed connectors. Our portfolio includes benchmark breaking signal integrity connectors up to 112G-NRZ(!) This for pluggable module connectors of the CFPx, (Q)SFP and OSFP family. Further, 112G Mezzanine and YFLEX – our high-end flexible PCB (FPC).
Yamaichi Electronics plays an important role in the 112G standardization and provided many leading concepts for MSAs, IEEE, OIF and PICMG.


  • Most form factors upgraded to 112G
  • Industry leading and benchmark breaking signal integrity for many form factors (up to 112Gbps-NRZ per diff. pair)
  • Yamaichi providing the leading design for many MSAs and PICMG
  • Providing connectors, plugs and mechanical parts
  • Customization for MSA exceeding performance
  • Connectors, plugs, cages and heat sinks available
  • Connector and cable systems for a large variety of different applications, e.g. consumer devices, automotive electronics, data networking equipment etc.
  • All items RoHS compliant



David Binder

David Binder
Business Development Data Networking