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CFP4 Connectors

CFP4 Connectors

CFP4 Connectors

Yamaichi Electronics is the leading CFPx company. CFP4 MSA has chosen Yamaichi’s proposal as leading design. We provide Industry leading and benchmark breaking SI-performance (SI report on request).


  • Connector, plug and mechanical sets available
  • Density twice as high as CFP2
  • 28Gbps, 56Gbps (ACO) and 64Gbps (DCO) optimized versions
  • 400GbE per slot (64G DCO version)
  • Custom-made cages and heat sinks for better heat dissipation or reduced dimension
  • Compatibly between CFP4 28G, CFP4 56G and CFP4 56G
  • Four times as high as the CFP and twice as high as the CFP2 in density



David Binder

David Binder
Business Development Data Networking