The Automotive Market

Partnership for Automotive with State-of-the-Art Connectors

With a strong engineering force and a close relationship with our customers, Yamaichi Electronics creates high-quality products for the automotive sector. Automotive applications are characterised by very long product lifetimes, demanding requirements for physical stability, high quality and very tight and reduced installation space.


MicroSD/SD/SIM Card Connectors

The wide variety of MicroSD / SD and SIM card connectors includes products with special 2-beam contacts for improved vibration resistance, with EMI shielding or a special card lock mechanism.

Y-Lock FFC Connector/Cable System

Our board-to-cable non-ZIF connector system Y-Lock improves the vibration resistance of FFC connections and ensures secure and easy locking of the FFC even with limited installation space.

High-Speed HF Series (Connectors & Cables)

Data transmission up to 10Gbps with our different HF board-to-cable non-ZIF connector systems. Various pin counts and pitches as well as the locking mechanism guarantee a secure and stable connection.

FAKRA and HSD Portfolio

The application of FAKRA connectors lies in the transmission of a variety of signals, such as shortwave, mobile telephony, GPS, or telematics signals. Thanks to standardisation, each application is assigned a specific colour and mechanical code to ensure proper connections between the board and cable side. Since continued growth in demand for higher data transmission rates means that the one-pin
FAKRA connector is no longer sufficient for some applications, the HSD interface has been defined (High Speed Data). This plug connector system is used for signals like USB or IEEE1394, for example.

BEC Connector Portfolio

Our board-edge connector series (BEC) for MXM/Qseven modules withstands the though requirements in automotive environments – also available as high-speed version for e.g. USB3.0 transmission.

Universal Car Computing Connector Y-CCC

Yamaichi Electronics is creating the future for the connectivity of car computing systems with the new Y-CCC. This backplane connector system fulfills the high requirements of data, signal and power transmission combined with robustness and functionality. Contact us to get more details about the new Y-CCC system.


Yamaichi Electronics a specialist for high-speed connectivity

The current trend is moving towards high-speed data transmission. The challenge here is to find the balance between high-speed requirements vs. mechanical stability and small architecture. Moreover, we always consider security relevant applications which have to be evaluated meticulously.

Customised designs and ready-made solutions

Yamaichi Electronics excels in customised engineering on demand according to customer specifications as well as with open products for a wide customer range.



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