The Medical Market

High Quality is our Strength - also in Medical Connector Applications

Yamaichi Electronics has a strong Engineering Team and meets all market requirements by focusing on customised products. We attach great importance to a close relationsship with our customersin order to create state-of-the-art products.Or new push-pull circular connector series meets your nees for high quality connectivity. 



The custom designed charge contact holder ensures contact with the battery of units for intensive care medicine. Click on the picture for more information.


Y-Circ P Circular Push-Pull Connector Series

  The circular connector series Y-Circ P with special push-pull locking mechanism and full metal housing ensures high-performance connectivity.


The Medical sector is a huge market with a wide variety of different applications. That means there are a wide variety of requirements as well, and at a very high and specific level. It doesn't matter whether the application is a medical apparatus or a device in direct and permanent contact with the patient, such as a hearing aid device. A high level of quality and reliability is an absolute MUST. Based on the different products and their engineering level, this market is quite competitive.

Customised Connector Designs for Medical Applications

About 60 highly trained engineers at both sides work in the fields of mechanics and electrical engineering. By creating more than 220 new designs per year Yamaichi Electronics shows its innovative power.



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