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October 2017 - Testing SMARC 2.0 Modules

The test adapter for the SMARC computer-on-module standard, developed by Yamaichi Electronics, is also suitable for the current version SMARC 2.0. The test adapter realises the perfect alignment of the contacts and allows for 100% contacting reliablity. Due to the use of...
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August 2017 - HF513 High-Speed Connector System Automotive-compliant

Yamaichi Electronics has launched a new 0.5 mm pitch high-speed transmission FPC connector for several markets such as industry, automotive, and data networking. The main features include the ability to transmit up to 20 Gbps, the very compact design and the direct locking...
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July 2017 - CFP8 first Connector in the World for 400Gbps Ethernet

Yamaichi Electronics is a market leader for CFP high-speed connectors for hot-pluggable optical transceiver form factors to enable 100 Gbps and 400 Gbps applications. Yamaichi Electronics has developed a new connector for the recent CFP8 specification for 400 Gbps...
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March 2017 - Y-Circ® P new S-Series with hermaphroditic Insulators

After the successful establishment of the B series on the market, the S series is now available with a hermaphroditic connector. The S series, like the B series, is implemented in protection class IP50. Yamaichi Electronics is continuing to develop the push-pull circular...
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September 2016 - Kelvin Test Contactor for QFN, SOP and QFP

Yamaichi Electronics presents Kelvin test contactors in QFN, SOP and QFP housings for use in the lab and on the test floor. The arms race in thin and lightweight, but still powerful consumer devices such as smartphones relies on high integrity of sensitive functions on a...
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June 2016 - Data Networking: CFP2 transmits 56Gbps per Channel

Yamaichi Electronics is a market leader for CFP high-speed connectors for hot-pluggable optical transceiver form factors to enable 100Gbps applications. As a result Yamaichi Electronics has developed a new CFP2 56Gbps host and plug connector system. It is mainly used...
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April 2016 - HDMI Connector Family

Yamaichi Electronics presents its portfolio of HDMI interfaces. The HDMI interface (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a well-known product on the market. Developed first in 2004, it has already moved up to specification 2.0a and is available in a total of five different...
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March 2016 - Universal IC Test Socket Series for different Package Types

The miniaturisation and integration process of state-of-the art IC components is leading the major electronics manufacturers to use many different package solutions. For the multitude of different package types there is often no standard solution available. Therefore components...
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February 2016 - CAT6A in Circular Connector Series Push-Pull & M12

Yamaichi Electronics in Europe continues to work on building out its M12 product series Y-Circ® M and the push-pull circular connector series
Y-Circ® P. Thus both series were extended with CAT6A versions. — Based on the familiar modular...
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January 2016 - Display Port for faster HD Video & Audio

The Display Port interface is the next consistent development of connectors that permit higher transmission rates for devices like high-resolution displays. In the consumer market segment, this interface has already become established as standard for the loss-free transmission...
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November 2015 - Industrial RJ45 in CAT6A with IP20 Lock

The new model in the Y-Con® line of industrial RJ45 connectors from Yamaichi Electronics provides a special IP20 locking for the CAT6A version of the series. This CAT6A version is called Y-ConProfix. The plug and jack are both available. The stainless steel locking mechanism can...
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October 2015 - Y-Circ P Series now includes a Crimp Version

After the successful launch of the Push-Pull circular connector series Y-Circ® P this product family is growing more and more. Now also crimp contacts are available for this Push-Pull connector series. Yamaichi Electronics has now also started to deliver products with crimp...
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October 2015 - 0.35mm Ultra Fine Pitch Test Contactor for Semiconductor Evaluation, HAST, HTOL and Failure Analysis

Yamaichi Electronics presents Test Contactors for lab and reliability applications of ultra fine pitch semiconductor devices. New semiconductor devices, like wafer level CSPs for mobile applications have ball pitches of 0.35mm. And there is the trend to shrink towards lower...
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September 2015 - UHS-II High-Speed SD Card Readers FPS017T

Yamaichi Electronics has extended their core competences to include a new series UHSII SD card reader. UHS-II is the version 2 of the Ultra High Speed (UHS) bus classification for the SD Flash memory cards. Since the introduction of SD (Secure Digital) cards in 1999, Yamaichi...
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July 2015 - New Member in the Fakra/HSD Family

Yamaichi Electronics has announced the HF109P, a standard HSD connector, further reinforcing its position as a competent partner for the automobile industry. The FAKRA and HSD series from Yamaichi Electronics, first presented at IZB in Wolfsburg in 2014, has been expanded...
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May 2015 - Y-Circ® P Backward Wall-Mount Socket

After the successful introduction of the circular connector series Y-Circ® P with push-pull interlocking, the product range is successively expanded. Now with a backwards wall-mount socket type 'WD'. The new 'WD' socket type is a natural for back wall mounting in combination...
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April 2015 - New SMARC Module Test Adapter

Yamaichi Electronics has developed a new test adapter for the SMARC computer-on-module standard. It realises the perfect alignment of the contacts and allows for 100% contacting reliablity. Due to the use of spring probe pins very high contact cycles can be reached. SMARC...
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February 2015 - Test Contactor for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Modules

Yamaichi Electronics presents test contactors for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) modules. M2M modules allow the interconnection of electronics apparatus and enable automated communication to provide wireless control and real-time monitoring. The M2M modules can manage global...
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February 2015 - Cable Assemblies made in Germany

For over 20 years, Yamaichi Electronics Deutschland GmbH has been a competent partner in the assembly of high-quality cables in industrial and medical technology. This all-in-one service including design and project management in Munich and production locations in Frankfurt...
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January 2015 - Y-ConProfix RJ45 Plug in CAT. 6A

Our new product member within the enhanced Y-ConRJ45 series is called Y-ConProfixPlug. One of Yamaichi Electronics´ goals during the development was to create a RJ45 connector which is able to transmit 10G Base-T,  easy to handle and fulfils the stringent Category...
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