March 2019 - M12 Field Assembly and High-Speed

Yamaichi Electronics has expanded its Y-Circ M product portfolio of M12 connectors with a new field-mountable CAT.6A Field Assembly connector for 10 Gigabit Ethernet high-speed applications. It is the new Y-Circ M Field Assembly connector.


Areas of application:

The new connector is suitable for use in typical CAT.6A applications, e.g. in the communication cabling of automation control systems. The field-assembled variant is used over moulded M12 cable assemblies, for example, when the cable has to be pulled through a cable duct and would be too bulky with the plug. Field assemblies are ideal, even if the exact cable length can not be defined in advance.


Features and advantages

The connector face complies with the standardized M12 X coding according to DIN EN 61076-2-109. Thanks to its die-cast zinc housing, the Y-Circ M CAT.6A Field Assembly connector provides optimal transmission characteristics even in demanding environments. When plugged in, it reaches protection class of IP67 and is thus optimally protected against adverse environmental influences.


Its slim design also proves itself in space-critical installation situations. The quick and easy assembly offers a time advantage during installation. The cable simply has to be stripped and the wires of the cable pressed into the colour-coded slots in the back of the two-piece connector. After the protruding wires are cut off, the IDC insulation displacement contacts connect automatically when the two parts are screwed together.


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