The Market for Networking Systems

Our advanced High-Speed Data Transmission Expertise is your Advantage for perfect High-Speed Connector Solutions

Networking systems for tele and data communication require high-speed products to meet the high data rates essential for this market. Yamaichi Electronics is part of standardisation groups including the MSA. Our designs meet the networking and telecom/datacom standards and even exceed their requirements in many cases.


CFP Portfolio

Worldwide the first 400Gbps Ethernet connector, the CFP8, has been developed by Yamaichi Electronics. We are also world-market leader with the CFP4 system including plug connector, host connector and mechanical kit. Moreover we offer the CFP2 and CFP systems. All systems are compliant with the MSA (Multi-Source Agreement) specifications.

QSFP Portfolio

With the eQSFP+ we offer a footprint compatible QSFP connector system with higher data rates up to 32Gbps.

AdvancedMC Portfolio

The AdvancedMC (Advanced Mezzanine Card) connector portfolio includes the full range of ATCA (AdvancedTCA) as well as MTCA (MicroTCA) and MCH plug connectors. To ensure high speed data transmission we use our unique CMT (Compression Mount Technology) as connection to the PCB. With CMT connection the high-frequency signals show much wider eye patterns and thus much better data integrity than with the conventional press-fit PCB contacts.


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