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There are 1,500 of them alone in Germany. Together they generate an annual turnover of 150 billion euro. And they are very important for the economy. There is talk of the so called hidden champions. Not only the world economy is centered around them, but also a new podcast “Hidden Champions - the Yamaichi Podcast”.

“Hidden Champions - the Yamaichi Podcast” tells success stories about companies and fascinating personalities. These companies and personalities are often undiscovered but they push the German economic miracle 2.0.

Episode 01 - Behind the scenes of the IAA

September 2017 -  In the first episode we look behind the scenes of the largest Automotive trade fair in the world, the IAA in Frankfurt. Learn about surprising innovations, for instance the Volocopter. Dr. Joachim Damasky, Managing Director for Technology and Environment of the German Automobile Association (VDA), tells interesting details about autonomous driving. And he discusses about the future of mobility with Helge Puhlmann, European President of Yamaichi Electronics.
From left: Florian Schwarz and Helge Puhlmann
From left: Florian Schwarz, Dr. Joachim Damasky, Helge Puhlmann
Helge Puhlmann and Florian Schwarz
The Volocopter - learn more about the volocopter in the podcast

You can also experience visually all episodes of “Hidden Champions - the Yamaichi Podcast”. Here are some impressions of the IAA premiere with Helge Puhlmann, Dr. Joachim Damasky and podcaster Florian Schwarz in the “New Mobility World” of the IAA in Frankfurt.







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