March 2017 - Y-Circ® P new S-Series with hermaphroditic Insulators

Hermaphroditic or half-moon insulators allow for even easier mating.

After the successful establishment of the B series on the market, the S series is now available with a hermaphroditic connector. The S series, like the B series, is implemented in protection class IP50.


Yamaichi Electronics is continuing to develop the push-pull circular connector series Y-Circ® P. Now, in addition to the B series (IP50), there is also an S series (IP50) available with a hermaphroditic connector configuration. The same advantages of the B series are provided and assembly is just as easy and error-free using identical half-shells.


The hermaphroditic connector means that the insulator is divided, with male and female contacts installed in both plug and socket. That makes the connection easy and secure.


All connectors in the S series also have a marking in the form of a blue dot with the Yamaichi logo. That makes connection and finding the coding particularly easy.


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