Flat Cables

25MIL (0.635mm) OKIFLEX-B&S Type (150V, 105° C), 10 to 100 conductors

Series: FLEX
  • 25MIL (0.635mm) pitch flat cable designed for termination with high density (1.27mm) IDC connectors
  • Available in two versions, similar to the 50 MIL flat cable:
    • B type isbonded throughout for standard applications      
    • S type is bonded/unbonded at regular intervals resulting in greater  flexibility if required

33Mil (0,847mm), Hitachi Cable (150V, 105°C)

Series: TFC30
  • 33MIL, 0.847mm pitch flat cable designed for termination with DIN41612 IDC connectors (96 pos.)
  • UL Style No. 2678

1.0 mm Pitch High Density cable (300V, 105°), 10 to 64 conductors

Series: DK
  • 1.0mm pitch flat cable designed for terminationwith a high density 2.0mm IDC connector
  • UL Style No. 2651, CSA

1.27mm Pitch High Density cable (300V, 105°C), 2 to 64 conductors

Series: DK
  • 1.27mm pitch flat cable with 28AWG (7/0.127mm) conductors
  • Ribbed on both sides enabling IDC termination on either side of the cable
  • UL Style No. 2651, CSA, VDE 0811

50MIL (1.27mm) OKIFLEX-S Type (300V, 105° C) 10 to 64 conductors

Series: FLEX
  • Identical to 50 MIL (1.27 mm) OKIFLEX-B type except that it is intermittently bonded or unbonded at precise intervals
  • Greater cable flexibility is achieved within the unbonded section
  • UL Style No. 2651

50MIL (1.27mm) OKIFLEX-FS Type (150V, 60° C), 8 to 64 conductors

Series: FS-FLEX
  • Flat 50MIL (1.27mm) Cable, jacketed and shielded
  • Thin PVC jacket designed for external equipment applications
  • Aluminium shielding on each side which minimizes RFI / EMI

50MIL (1.27mm) OKIFLEX-TP Type (150V, 80° C), 10 to 64 conductors

Series: TPFLEX
  • Twisted pairs designed to prevent crosstalk
  • Twisted pairs are unbonded resulting in greater flexibility
  • Regular flat sections for IDC termination
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