25MIL (0.635mm) OKIFLEX-B&S Type (150V, 105° C), 10 to 100 conductors

  • 25MIL (0.635mm) pitch flat cable designed for termination with high density (1.27mm) IDC connectors
  • Available in two versions, similar to the 50 MIL flat cable:
    • B type isbonded throughout for standard applications      
    • S type is bonded/unbonded at regular intervals resulting in greater  flexibility if required
  • UL Style No. 20028

Conductor Resistance:358Ω/km max.
Insulation Resistance:1MΩ min. (km)
Dielectric Strength: 2,000V AC / minute
Flame Resistance:VW-1

Conductor: 30 AWG (7/0.1mm) stranded Cu-wire

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