SD/MMC Card Connector, Push-Push, One Action Lock Type - (Automotive Compliant)

  • FPS009-4200-0(03)
  • Automatic locking function after insertion of SD card
  • 2-point contact installation on all contact-terminals to ensure die-electric    discontinuity prevention which may be caused by vibration and impact
  • Metal shell cover with 4 GNDs (Solder tubs) to ensure EMI/ESD prevention   performance
  • Zero sliding contact @100G shock (X Y Z direction)

Insulation Resistance:  1,000MΩ min. at 500V DC
Withstanding Voltage:500V ACrms for 1 minute
Contact Resistance:100mΩ at 1mA / 20mV max.
Voltage Rating:5V DC
Current Rating:0.5A max.
Operating Temp. Range:–30°C to +85°C
Mating Cycles: 100

Insulator: LCP Black (UL94V-0)
Contacts:Copper Alloy with selective Gold

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