MiniDIN, 90° PTH Power Socket (with and without Shield)

  • 90° Pin Through Hole Receptacle (shielded and unshielded)
  • Minimum ordering quantity is 1,000 pcs
Insulation Resistance:  50MΩ min. at 250V DC
Withstanding Voltage:250V AC for 1 minute
Contact Resistance:30mΩ max.
 - 7.5A max. at 20V DC
Pin #3-1A 20V DC
4 Pin Socket:All Pins - 5A max. at 20V DC
Operating Temp. Range:-55°C to +85°C
Mating Cycles:1000 min. at 10 - 20 times
per minute (no electrical load)
Soldering Temp.:230°C / 3 sec.

Contact: Phosphor Bronze
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