Cable assemblies

Customer specific configurations

The Y-Circ M series can be configured individually according to the requirements of our customers. Optional parts can be added to the connector depending on customer needs. The free configuration options ensure the best price-performance ratio. Optional parts are: 360° shielding and vibration protection.



Complete Cable Assemblies directly from the Manufacturer

Yamaichi Electronics can offer a complete range of cable assemblies directly delivered from our production site in Germany. Many different convertor cable assemblies can be realised.

Any Y-Circ M connector can be combined as a cable assembly with other Yamaichi products, e.g. the Y-Con or Y-Circ P product series. They are all produced and configured in-house.

According to customer requirements the cable assemblies can be supplied with a UL traceability label. We manufacture also wiring harnesses (ZPFW2) and processed wire (ZKLU/2/7).

Cost efficienct Production

Through the broad range of available products we can guarantee cost efficient production of customised cable assemblies.

For questions please contact our sales representatives.


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