Pin Grid Array

  • Round tail production PGA sockets with Solder Dip or Wire Wrap terminals
  • Best solder ability due to stand-offsINFO
  • Low insertion and extraction force, due to 6 contacting leaves per pin
  • Any contact pattern available
  • Grid sizes >22 x 22 on request

Insulation Resistance:1012Ω min.
Withstanding Voltage: 1,000VRMS for 1 minute
Contact Resistance:10mΩ max. at 10mA / 20mV
Current Rating: 1A max.
Operating Temperature Range:-55°C ~  +125°C
Acceptable Pin Diameter: 0.46 ±0.05
Mating Cycles:100 insertions min.

Housing:  PCT, 30% Polyester, glass filled  UL94V-0
Contact:  Inner clip – Beryllium Copper (BeCu), Au over Ni (2-3µm)
Outer sleeve – Machined Brass, Sn over Ni (2-3µm)

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