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Y-CIRC M12 Push-Pull 

New overmoulded M12 Connector with push-pull locking mechanism allows fast and secure locking and unlocking. The plug can be connected to a special socket for locking without screwing. 
To this special socket any standard M12 connectors with thread can be connected. Insulator and contacts are designed according the ICE standard IEC 61076-2-101/109.

This product combines the advantages and technology of the Y-Circ P and standard Y-Circ M product series in one completely new innovative product.

All Y-Circ M codings and connectors with 90°/180° are possible.

In addition the product is as small as all Yamaichi Y-Circ M standard M12 connectors.

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Y-CON RJ45 Cover40 Push-Pull

The Y-Con Cover-40 is the IP-protected version of the RJ45 housing with push-pull locking. The system is backward compatible with the currently used locking mechanism. In the future, the installed IP67/68/69k RJ45 connectors with IP protection housing can be contacted with a corresponding push-pull connector.

A special feature of the RJ45 connector are the two additional power supply contacts that can be integrated into the RJ45. These are protected by the housing with the appropriate protection code and transmit currents up to 3A. Optionally available are sockets with „Magnetic“ blocks for better shielding and/or with connection options for optical fibers.

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Y-Circ P Push-Pull

The Y-Circ P connectors are shorter than competing connectors - depending on the connector type and size - up to 20%. This saves space for customer applications and reduces material, weight and processing costs. The internal assembly space stays the same size to ensure quick and easy assembly of the connector. In addition the wall mounted sockets have equal lengths which makes them easier to integrate in a housing on the same PCB – no height compensation is necessary

The same half shell design is used for different Y-Circ P connector types. This makes assembly of the connectors faster, more convenient and more reliable. This is an important advantage compared to mateable connectors from other manufacturers. Fewer components means a cost advantage. Plug and socket insulator can also be used in both housing types and are therefore interchangeable. Protection against turning of the insulator in the housing is still guaranteed.

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