Specialities - customised designs according to your needs

Yamaichi offers special designs in close cooperation with the customer and according to their requirements.

Yamaichi Electronics has more than 100 contact interfaces with multiple plunger styles for pitches between 0.40 and 2.54mm available in stock.

We can vary the base, spring and plating material. Custom contacts are available, as are several elastomeric contact interfaces. Alternatively we can also provide stamped, etched or eroded contacts.

For milled mechanical and isolator piece parts, we use high temperature and high resistance proofed plastic materials. Materials with a controlled reduced resistivity are available as well.

The following examples give just a small overview of the wide variety of our product range. Yamaichi Electronics' Test Solution specialities combine conventional reliable contacting solutions with state-of-the-art technology.

Yamaichi Test Solution products and specialities are RoHS-compliant and produced in accordance with lead-free regulations.

High-Rel Applications


  • Integrated customised PCB designs
  • Outstanding performance
  • No pitch restrictions
  • HF capable



  • Designed for customers' own requirements
  • Integrated customised PCB designs
  • Outstanding performance
  • HF capable

Semi-automatic test cells


  • Pneumatic or mechanically controlled test system
  • Probe pin technology
  • Designed according to customer requirements

Test fixtures for automation industry


  • Contact units designed for customers' production flow
  • In-line contact unit
  • Specification and design according to customer requirements


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