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Sustainability at Yamaichi

The topic of sustainability, the conscious use of resources and the protection of our environment are very important to us. From the small to the big - we work at all levels to contribute to the preservation of our planet.

We pay attention to environmental protection even in supposedly small things, because many small parts form a big whole and because everyone can make a contribution. In this way, we create awareness among our employees and sensitise them to the issue.

Sustainability Report

With our first sustainability report we would like to provide you with an overview of the sustainability at YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS. The is not a new topic for us. What is new, however, is that we are integrating our performed activities as well as our projects and planning in an “Overall Sustainability System”.

Please finde our Sustainability Report 2022 here: 

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Honey Landscapes - Bee Sponsorship

Honey Landscapes - Bee Sponsorship

Even the smallest ones can make a big difference: That's why we have taken on the sponsorship of two bee colonies and partnered with the Bioland beekeeping company "Honiglandschaften" since 1 October 2022. On 1 October 2023, we extended the sponsorship for another year. This initiative is an important step in our efforts to protect the environment and promote biodiversity. At Yamaichi, we strongly believe that every company has a responsibility to promote sustainable practices. Our continued partnership with "Honey Landscapes" is a testament to our commitment to a greener future.

Here you can find the current certificate of our corporate bee sponsorship: 

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Bioland Beekeeping: A Haven for Bees, A Hub for Sustainability
Yamaichi Sponsored Bees

The Bioland apiary is located in the municipality of Affing in the district of Aichach-Friedberg. Their currently about 140 bee colonies are located on land owned by organic farmers and are thus protected from direct influences of conventional agriculture. At the same time, the bees support the preservation of the natural ecosystem and thereby contribute to a rich wildlife for plants and animals.

With a small contribution, you too can become part of something big! With every jar of honey, you support our bees and Bioland beekeeping - and at the same time you can enjoy exceptional types of honey from the local region. It's so easy to combine pleasure and sustainability!

Beekeeping "Honiglandschaften"


  • We produce locally in Frankfurt (Oder). This saves us long transport routes and at the same time promotes regional value chains.
  • It goes without saying that our production complies with current environmental standards, as evidenced by our environmental management system certificate according to DIN EN ISO 14001.
  • The sustainable use of resources and the setting of environmental goals are an integral part of this, as is the identification and elimination of sources of error and risks that endanger environmental protection.
  • More detailed information on our environmental management can be found here

PLANT-MY-TREE® Partnership


We are a climate partner of PLANT-MY-TREE ®, a climate and environmental organisation that carries out reforestation projects on its own land in Germany. In particular, we support an area in Ratzdorf, near our production in Frankfurt (Oder) with 500 trees.

PLANT-MY-TREE ® has been carrying out reforestation projects for CO² compensation throughout Germany since 2007. The goal is environmental and climate protection in Germany, where our CO² emissions also occur. Since 2020, PLANT-MY-TREE ® has also been carrying out forest conversion and forest protection projects in addition to the initial afforestation projects, and attaches great importance to a high level of biodiversity. The projects of PLANT-MY-TREE ® are with lifetimes of at least 99 years, during which no deforestation or economic use is intended. According to the motto "Every tree counts" and "Climate protection is fun", PLANT-MY-TREE ® and its partners contribute to environmental and climate protection in order to leave a world worth living in for future generations. At the beginning of 2020, PLANT-MY-TREE® was successfully certified by TÜV Rheinland according to DIN ISO 9001:2015.

Join in! Take part in our tree planting campaign and plant a tree via our community link. Together we can achieve a lot for climate protection. "Every tree counts" or to put it in the words of Martin Luther: "And if I knew that the world would end tomorrow, I would plant a little apple tree today."

Plant a tree yourself 

Our partners are also committed to climate protection and reforestation projects. For example, as part of its "Job ad plant tree" campaign, yourfirm plants a protected tree on controlled smallholder land in Nicaragua with its partner PRIMAKLIMA for every job ad that we book with them. We are pleased that 10 more trees have been planted so far. 

Emissions reduction certificate

Emissions reduction certificate

We want to become even more climate-neutral - even on our business trips. Therefore, together with the Lufthansa Group, we have committed to purchasing 1,688 kilograms of sustainable aviation fuel, thus saving at least 5,046 kilograms of CO2 compared to conventional (fossil) kerosene. Here you can find the emission reduction certificate according to the Scope 3 Greenhouse Gas Protocol standard:

Emission Mitigation Certificate

Environmental protection in the small things



  • Switch from air and ship freight to train transport, if possible 



  • E-car as company car and hybrid pool vehicle


  • Central organisation of business trips and carpooling if possible

  • Reduction of travel activities, when possible meetings via Microsoft Teams


  • Home office 3 days / week


  • Change from car to bicycle (financial subsidy by Yamaichi)


  • Subsidy for use of local public transport (job ticket) 


  • Paperless office 


  • No coffee capsules


  • Water in glass bottles