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Measurement & Testing

Measurement & Testing

Precision in Measurement and Testing

Our connectors and cable assemblies are important components to ensure perfect measuring results by preserving signal integrity. 100% designed and made in Germany we offer an outstanding alternative to existing push-pull connectors for applications in measurement and testing equipment.


Our Y-Circ P is versatile and a real all-round talent

Here you will find a selection of customer applications. In addition to customer-specific adaptations, we naturally also offer you a broad portfolio of standard connectors.

Push-Pull Circular Connector Y-Circ P  Our Configurator

  • Testing device
  • Moisture Meter
  • Sound and vibration measurement
  • High Speed Camera
Testing device

Meet the specifications – with Y-Circ P

The Y-Circ P is used as a standard connector with a customer-specific socket and several, also customer-specific cable assemblies for the mobile verification of the flow measurement by the OPTICHECK from KROHNE.

Moisture Meter

Y-Circ P – External connection with the Gann moisture meter

The Hydromette CH 17 is a multifunctional measuring device for the detection of wood, building and air humidity as well as temperature and air velocity. The Y-Circ P circular connector provides the external connection as a universal interface for various sensors of the moisture meter.

Sound and vibration measurement

Y-Circ P makes the slightest vibrations audible

The Y-Circ P as well as a customer-specific device socket, precisely fitting for the housing and contacts bent according to customer requirements are used in the connection for sound sensors in mobile measuring instruments for sound and vibration measurement from Norsonic.

High Speed Camera

For sure Y-Circ P

Our Y-Circ P circular connector is used in PCO's high-speed cameras for crash test systems, which are designed for demanding applications such as vehicle crash tests or microscopy applications. Thanks to Y-Circ P, it is possible to connect two cameras for multi-camera operation via the connection box.

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Circular Connectors Push-Pull (Y-Circ P Series)

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