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100% Made in Germany

For the production of our circular connectors and test adapters at our production site in Frankfurt (Oder), we strive for a vertical range of manufacture of almost 100%. We rely on 100% Made in Germany in order to be able to serve our customers quickly and reliably regardless of external influences.

Our logistics with the new, ultra-modern warehouse management system rounds off our performance in Frankfurt (Oder). Here, too, we consistently rely on technology Made in Germany.

Our Production Technologies

Machining - Turning

Machining - Turning

For our circular connectors Y-Circ P and Y-Circ M, we use CNC long turning machines from the watch industry, which are specialized in the production of small, long parts, whereby the material is rotated under fixed tools.
In addition, CNC automatic lathes are used in which the tools rotate around the stationary workpiece. The material is fed via a wire roll. A very specialized technology that represents a production optimum for some of our part families in the series business.
When it comes to the raw materials used, we rely on brass, aluminum and PEEK plastic.

Machining - Milling

Machining - Milling

As a socket specialist for the semiconductor industry and the associated rapid miniaturization and integration, this poses technological challenges, especially for our (micro) machining/milling division.
Today we can realize contact distances of 0.15 mm. The pins used, equipped with springs, can be up to 0.12 mm in diameter. This guarantees a high packing density of pins on the surface. This makes us one of the top companies in the industry.
For the processing we use 3- as well as 5 axis machines, which process high-performance plastics, aluminum (also high-strength), stainless steel, brass and special materials.

Injection Molding

Injection Moulding

For plastic injection moulding we use vertical and horizontal injection moulding machines, which can realise a clamping force of up to 150 tons. These are used for cable overmoulding, such as for the Y-Circ M and for the production of injection moulded parts for our Y-Con or Y-Circ circular connector families.

Cable Assemblies

To this day, Yamaichi Electronics is the only supplier that can offer its own connectors of the Y-Circ M (M12), Y-Circ P (push-pull), RJ45 and USB series in the field of cable assemblies from a single source. This bundling of connector production plus cable assembly at one production site guarantees short reaction times and the fast implementation of customer inquiries.
A wide range of possible combinations of connector types and materials are put together to form integrated solutions according to specific requirements.
Upon request, assemblies can also be made with purchased components.

FFC - Flexible Flat Cable

For two years we have been manufacturing customized laminated flexible flat cables, primarily for the automotive industry. We can reliably process the smallest wire diameters of 0.035 to 0.3 mm with a pitch of 0.5 mm up to a lamination width of 140 mm at a speed of up to 2m/min. The entire manufacturing process is monitored optically. Contact surfaces are usually gold-plated or tin-plated. This system is complemented by printing, punching and folding machines.

Hotmelt Technology

The low-pressure injection molding process enables the gentle coating of sensitive electronic components. The resistance of the plastics used to high temperatures, moisture, oils or disinfectants makes the hotmelt process interesting for components that have to be protected against damaging environmental influences, such as in the automotive industry or medical technology. The high flexibility and the comparatively low tool costs make the process attractive for small series and prototype construction. The components are placed in a tool form that is produced based on individual requirements and directly overmolded with the melt plastic. After cooling, the coated components are immediately available for further processing.

Take a Look behind the Scenes of Yamaichi Electronics Manufacturing Deutschland GmbH

Take a look behind the scenes at Yamaichi Electronics Manufacturing Deutschland GmbH in our video! We are a partner of the Frankfurt campaign "Frankfurt (Oder) - Your place to live" and are pleased to introduce you to our modern manufacturing plant at the beautiful site of Frankfurt (Oder). (English subtitles available)