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QSFP-DD Connectors

QSFP-DD Connectors

QSFP-DD Connectors

Double port density while being fully backwards compatible witch QSFP. Yamaichi’s mass production design is 112G-PAM4 ready.


  • 1x1, 1x4, 2x1 and 2x6 cage configurations
  • Fin- and Pin type heat sink available
  • Industry leading signal integrity (SI report on request)
  • Up to 112Gbps-PAM4 per diff. pair (1x1 type)
  • Up to 56G-PAM4 per diff. pair for 2x1 SMT stack type
  • Wafer technology outperforming the market
  • Allowing significantly higher power ratings per module than MSA spec



David Binder

David Binder
Business Development Data Networking