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YFLEX High Temperature

YFLEX High Temperature

YFLEX High Temperature Resistant

This high heat resistant FPC is suitable for products used in high temperature environments such as in-vehicle applications, semiconductor manufacturing and inspection equipment.



  • Improved adhesion of the insulating layer that protects the FPC by using a specific cover lay
  • Long-term reliability (3,000 hours) of electrical properties even in an environment of 150°C
  • Continuity resistance change rate within ±10% and insulation resistance of 500 MΩ or more
  • Due to the reinforced GND design, it can be used not only for high heat resistant FPC applications but also for noise resistant FPC applications
  • Configurations can be single-layer or double-layer, and the insulation substrate base can be selected from liquid crystal polymer (LCP) or polyimide (PI)