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Push-Pull Circular Connector Y-Circ P

Y-Circ P Push-Pull Circular Connector
The Waterproof Push-Pull Circular Connector
IP68 Push-Pull Connector Assembly
Push-Pull Circular Connector Y-Circ P

M12 Circular Connector Y-Circ M

M12 Push-Pull Connector: 1st International Standard
IEC 61076-2-012
M12 Push-Pull Connector Field-Assembly Y-Circ M
M12 Field Assembly Connectors Y-Circ M: Assembly Guide

RJ45 Industrial Connectors Y-Con

Y-Con ProfixPlug CAT6A Industrial Connector
RJ45 Y-Con Profix Plug: Performance Package on the Construction Site
RJ45 Connector Y-Con – Signal Transmission in Industrial Applications
RJ45 - Y-CON in IP67/68/69k with Push-Pull Locking - The new Y-ConCover-40 PP

High-Speed Data Networking

High-Speed Data Networking Connector Technology - Evolution of Form Factors
112G Connector YTM Mezzanine – Flexible & High Performance
DSFP – The Evolution of SFP

Internal Connectors

Board-to-Cable System Y-Lock with Automatic Locking Function

More Connector Solutions

High-Speed Data Transmission for the Automotive Industry
The Automotive Portfolio of Yamaichi Electronics
Car Computing Connector Y-CCC: The Backplane Connector System of the Future
Tailor-made Solutions for Customer-Specific Applications 
Hot-Melt Low Pressure Injection Molding
Non-ZIF Connector System Y-Lock for FFCs and FPCs
Yamaichi Configurator: Customised Push Pull and M12 Connectors

Test Solutions

High Speed Signal Testing of Automotive Computer-on-Modules
Our Test Solutions Portfolio - Customized Sockets and Test Adapters
Universal Sockets - Our individualized Standard Solutions for the Semiconductor Test
TecTV: Test Sockets for Open Standard Modules
Module Test Adapter YED900 SO-DIMM
Semiconductor Test Contactors of the Y-RED Series
Universal Socket NP584 Open Top for Automatic Loading 

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