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Ball and Pad Devices (BGA CSP LGA)

Ball and Pad Devices (BGA CSP LGA)

Test and Burn-In Sockets

Outstanding products for contacting semiconductor devices have been our focus for decades.

Our portfolio includes an ultra wide variety starting with pioneering pin through hole devices from SIP and (S)DIP to ZIP and PGA’s.

In our socket portfolio we offer solutions (either THT or CMT) for surface-mounted devices such as SOJ, PLCC, (x)QFP, (x)SO's, LCC’s, QFN’s and LGA’s with pitches from 0.3mm to 2.54mm.

For special device form factors or electrical and thermal requirements, we offer either our unique modular Y-RED test contactor system or a full tailor-made contacting system.


  • Huge variety of standard and customized test socket solutions
  • Availability of lots of different package sizes or shapes with different pin counts