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Y-Lock Connector Series

Y-Lock Connector Series

Y-Lock – an innovative Non-ZIF connector with automatic locking function

The Y-Lock connector family is combining a space saving and process securing design with smart and reliable technology. The connector system is designed for applications with tough requirements. Now available in three different versions, Y-Lock is able to fulfill a large spectrum of tasks in regard to mechanical, climatic and electrical specifications.
The special feature of all three Y-Lock versions is the One-Push-Lock mechanism. I.e. the FFC is plugged in and locks either by itself or via a stiffener, which provides additional locking and guiding functions. To remove the FFC, it is not necessary – as is normally the case with NON-ZIF systems – to operate an unlocking device, but it is sufficient to pull out the FFC with a defined amount of force.
The Y-Lock system has been qualified based on LV214 and is fully suitable for automotive use. A wide range of pitch and pin count variants is available. For special applications, customer-specific variants are also available.
Learn more about the use of our Y-Lock Series V3 in hybrid vehicles in our whitepaper.



  • Non-ZIF Board-to-Cable System
  • FFC only needs to be pressed into the lock (one push lock) and can simply be pulled out again (Pullforce)
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Poka-yoke system
  • Different number of pin counts available
  • Automatic assembly of FFC possible



Daniela Pallas

Daniela Pallas
Product Manager