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YFLEX Slit & Bundle

YFLEX Slit & Bundle

YFLEX Slit & Bundle

YFLEX Slit & Bundle combines the flexibility of a FPC with the bundling feature of twinax or coax cables.
YFLEX is a special High-Speed FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) which can transmit up to 56 Gbps-PAM4 with differential Impedance of 100 Ohm. This high performance is given by different features, like LCP as base material, the contacting of different layers done by silver bumps and the special production process.



  • Slit & Bundle FPC does not block airflow inside of the chassis by several slits
  • Various cable routing is possible by bundling with tape
  • Transmission rate 56 Gbps-PAM4
  • Yamaichi non-ZIF connector HF512 or HF513 is available
  • Lower skew when compared to coax or twinax cables
  • Low loss material (up to 460 mm length)
  • Low cross talk design for bidirectional transmission


David Binder

David Binder
Business Development Data Networking