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Couplers for Electrical Cabinets RJ45 to M12

Couplers for Electrical Cabinets RJ45 to M12

Couplers RJ45 (IP20) to M12 (IP67)

Small couplers for electrical cabinets in push-pull or screw version allow an easy switch from RJ45 (IP20) cabling to an outer cabling in M12 (IP67).
Different M12 codings such as A8, D4 and X for 100 MBit up to 10 GBit transmission allow a wide range of applications.
With the A8 coding the transmission of additional power up to 2.1 A is possible.
In case of less space inside the cabinet space saving versions 90° are available.



  • Couplers RJ45 IP20 to M12 IP67 in different variants: D4, A8, X
  • Compact in size
  • 90° variants available: D4, A8
  • Optional M12 push-pull or screw types available
  • 100MBit and 10GBit data transmission: D4, X
  • Additional power transmission up to 2,1A Power with A8 coding possible