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YTM Mezzanine Connectors

YTM Mezzanine Connectors

High-Speed Mezzanine Connectors – YTM Series

The YTM Series combines highest density with total modularity and 112G-PAM4 data rate. The modular concept allows the widest range of pin count and stacking hight variations.


  • 112Gbps-PAM4 on all differential pairs
  • Mating height with plug and socket: 5mm to 10mm in 1mm increments
  • Height extension by Interposer: 11mm up to max 40mm
  • Genderless design with two point contacts for a better connectivity
  • Various pin counts: 192, 288, 384 up to 960 pins
  • Differential signal pairs up to 240 pairs (GSSG)