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High Speed Board-to-Cable Series

High Speed Board-to-Cable Series

High Speed Board to Cable solutions ensuring transfer rates up to 10Gbps

Yamaichi is offering various High Speed board connectors with the fitting High Speed cable systems (e.g. High Speed FPC YFlex and High Speed FFC). All connector series are non-ZIF connectors which are locking with the cables directly or via an additional adapter. This ensures a proper mating and locking function.
The wide range of the different series like HF507, HF509 and HF513 are providing different pin counts, directions and size to the customers.
All connectors are keeping the impedance specification of 100Ohm and can reach up to 10Gbps with the fitting cable.


  • HF507 Series for LVDS applications with 21, 31, 41 and 51 pins
  • HF509 Series for IEEE applications with 10 pins
  • HF513 Series, the smallest and fastest connector with 30, 40 and 50 pins