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Highest Quality and Reliability in Contacting of Semiconductors

The Semiconductor sector is a highly competitive market, wherewe stand out with decades of experience in contacting semiconductors. Yamaichi Electronics is the global market leader in IC Test & Burn-in sockets, with experience going back to the pioneering days of the very first semiconductors and even before, supporting vacuum tubes with sockets.


  • World of ASICs
LED Lights

Light on thanks to our Burn-In test Sockets

Our test and burn-in sockets are used for testing LEDs from a world market leader in the lighting industry. Our development and production is able to react quickly and reliably to new customer requirements at any time and to adapt the test arrangements accordingly.

Contacting Semiconductors

Check IC components - thanks to precisely fitting sockets and PCBs

Smartphones, IoT-devices, mobile computers or wireless earphones – today there are IC components to be tested everywhere. Our device-specific test sockets for burn-in, silicon validation and failure analysis as well as the test PCBs for ESD and latch-up tests offer the right solution. We develop customer-specific, custom-fit designs for sockets and PCBs.

IC components


Tackle tomorrow’s solutions safely

Microelectronics is becoming increasingly important in today's digital and connected world and is one of the most important key technologies for innovation. A world market leader for semiconductor solutions uses our test and burn-in socket series to test sensors, micro-controllers, power units, satellite applications and much more.

Contacting Semiconductors