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DSFP / NGSFP Connectors

DSFP / NGSFP Connectors

DSFP / NGSFP Connectors

DSFP MSA has chosen Yamaichi’s proposal as leading design. Double data rate compared with SFP28 while being backwards compatible with SFP interfaces.


  • 2 x 112G/ch – same size as SFP but 2 channels
  • Up to 200GbE per slot
  • Double channel vs. single channel when compared to SFP
  • 56Gbps NRZ and 112Gbps PAM-4 per diff. pair
  • Same outer dimension as SFP
  • SFP area size compatibility (same occupied area on the board)
  • SFP mechanical parts compatibility (all custom-made mechanical parts can be used)
  • MSA established
  • High volume mass production
  • Acc. to OIF CEI-112G-PAM4-VSR (latest draft)



David Binder

David Binder
Business Development Data Networking