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CoM Testadapter

CoM Testadapter

Test Fixtures & Adapters

With sophisticated and smart designs, Yamaichi Electronics provides adapter systems that perfectly meet the challenges of maintaining high-speed signal integrity by means of superior and reliable contact design.
Our products include vertical and horizontal test adapters for both burn-in and functional testing. The applicable module standards are SMARC, COM Express, Qseven, SO-DIMM and DIMM as well as custom designs. For these we offer tailor-made solutions.

The innovative Y-ETI test fixture from Yamaichi Electronics is designed for maximum flexibility in testing electronic assemblies. It enables contacting of standard applications from low signal quality and larger test pitch up to high performance embedded solutions with test pitch starting from ≥0.25mm.

The FFC/FPC-Socket are used for FFCs and FPCs with a pitch starting from 0.3mm.



  • Standard and customized products
  • Outstanding contact reliability
  • Proven probe pin technology
  • High signal quality
  • Standard and impedance controlled solutions