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Special Board-To-Board Connectors

Special Board-To-Board Connectors

Board-to-Board connectors designed and tested for special Automotive applications

This product group is dedicated for Board-to-Board connectors for application in tough environmental conditions.
The Board Edge Connector series BEC is following the standard for MXM1.0 and QSeven application. But the special contact shape ensures the mechanical stability at all vibration and shock conditions. This connector series is also available as High Speed version with a transfer rate of up to 5 Gbps. Yamaichi also offers a solution for the next MXM generation 3.1. This BEC series is round up by a power connector.
Furthermore this product group is including a Floating Board-to-Board connector. The series HF301 combines a floating function in X, Y and Z-direction as well as a mechanical stability and a transfer rate of 8Gbps and additional power pins.


  • BEC and HF301 Series has been developed and tested based on Automotive specifications
  • Special contact designs ensure long live stability during shock, vibrations and environment tough conditions
  • All connectors are produced in IATF16949 certified companies