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Flexible Flat Cables – Y-FFC

Flexible Flat Cables – Y-FFC

Yamaichi-Flexible Flat Cable – Y-FFC

In order to complete the product family of different FFC connectors Yamaichi Electronics offers Flexible Flat Cables (FFC) from its own production – the location of the in-house FFC production is the Yamaichi factory in Frankfurt (Oder), i.e. FFC Made in Germany. The FFCs are produced with latest state of the art production facilities and fulfill the Automotive standards.
Yamaichi Electronics can offer the following customization:
- Pin count up to 200
- Different pitches e.g. 0,5mm, 1mm or 2mm pitch
- Different pitches and conductor widths are possible (e.g. for mixing power and signal contacts)
- Different mating shapes of both side of FFC
- Shielding via shielding tapes available
Yamaichi offers FFCs for their own connector series like Y-Lock or HF601, but also any kind of customized FFC.



  • FFC Made in Germany
  • Elaboration of customer-specific designs from the development phase
  • Comprehensive tests and qualification possible in-house
  • Yamaichi Electronics as a supplier of complete systems of connectors and cables


Daniela Pallas

Daniela Pallas
Product Manager