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Coax Connector System Y-CMC for Camera Applications

Y-CMC (Yamaichi Camera Module Connector) – this is the new connector series that has been specially developed for the application of connecting cameras.

Cameras have become indispensable in today's world. Be it in the automotive sector, e.g. as a reversing/rearview mirror camera or as a front camera for traffic sign monitoring and distance control. But also in the industrial sector, cameras for monitoring and controlling production are indispensable - to name just a few applications.

New development from Yamaichi Electronics

The increasing data rates that have to be processed require new technologies in order to be able to transmit the data from the camera to the control systems without errors and at high speeds. Yamaichi has developed a new connector system for this purpose, the Y-CMC series.

Miniaturised coaxial socket

The system consists of a coaxial socket that is soldered to the PCB. With a diameter of only 3.5 mm and a height of 4.7 mm, the socket meets the miniaturisation of camera systems.

Two cable-side solutions

For the cable side, Yamaichi offers two possible solutions. The first solution is a connector side with a Fakra interface, i.e. the customer can contact the Y-CMC with a standard Fakra cable connector.

The alternative would be an overmoulded cable side, which Yamaichi could assemble with an additional plug in the desired length or offer for free assembly on one side. The design of the connector side provides for a screw connection to the camera housing.

Further special technical features

The design ensures, for example, a tolerance compensation of +/-0.3 mm in all directions. This ensures a reliable joining process even in locations with difficult access.

The transmission rates are 4.3 GHz and thus meet the requirements of modern camera systems.

Protection rating IP69K

When plugged in, the Y-CMC system is water-protected to IP69K and can therefore also be used in outdoor areas that are at risk from splashing water.

A temperature range of -40° to +105°C is covered. The system is tested and qualified for the automotive sector.

With the Y-CMC series, Yamaichi complements its automotive and high-speed connectivity. In case customers have integrated the cable plug mating face in the housing, Yamaichi naturally also offers Fakra standard interfaces as a coaxial socket.