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Y-Con Cover 20TC

IP20 Metal Cover: Y-Con Cover 20-TC for RJ45 Y-Con Plugs with Piercing Contacts

The new Y-Con Cover 20-TC replaces the current version of Y-Con Cover 20, which has a great acceptance in the market for many years. Like Y-Con Cover 20, the new Y-Con Cover 20-TC is an IP20 full metal version, which protects the plug from all kind of influences in an IP20 industrial area. Strong mechanical resistance paired with a high protection against EMI disturbance guarantees the optimal signal transmission.

In contrary to the current version, the new Y-Con Cover 20-TC is useable with different cable diameters. A diameter range between 5.5 mm and 7.1 mm gives high flexibility for a variety of cables.

Moreover, the Y-Con Cover 20-TC can be assembled tool free. The new snap hook concept makes screws redundant so that the upper and lower part only need to be pressed together. This saves about 30% to 50% assembly time and thus means pure cost reduction. It does not even take into account the possibility of screws falling down or being lost. If necessary, the cover can be reassembled up to 5 times.

Together with our Y-Con Plug connector series, which is available with a different number of contacts, the Y-Con Cover 20-TC can be used for various RJ45 applications. The plug series is also constructed and tested for rough applications as are common in the industrial sector. In addition, optional integrated power contacts offer the possibility for the power transmission of up to 2.1A.


  • Robust die cast housing
  • Completely metal-covered RJ45 interface
  • Tool-free click assembly
  • Reusable up to 5 times
  • Supporting outer cable dimensions from 5.5 mm up to 7.1 mm