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Open Standard Module

Open Standard Module – OSM Test Adapter in Four Different Sizes

The new OSM™ standard from SGET describes four different-sized, space-saving and flexible solder-on module solutions that can be assembled, soldered and tested completely automatically. With the test adapter from Yamaichi Electronics, these modules are contacted safely and reliably. And they can be used in a manual as well as automatic test process.

Through years of experience in the development and manufacture of highly advanced contacting solutions for a wide range of applications, Yamaichi Electronics has developed an adapter platform for these new open standard modules. This test adapter is a modular system where easy handling and robustness are the key features. With the spring contacts selected for this purpose from our own production and the matching cover, the modules are contacted precisely and reliably over thousands of cycles.

The test adapter is available in four sizes to accommodate module sizes 0, S, M and L. It is simply attached and easily screwed onto a carrier board. e.g. a base or evaluation board, which provides the corresponding contact pads according to the standardised pin layout. Care has been taken to minimise the space required by each of the four test adapters to provide maximum space for your application.

For secure mounting on the base or evaluation board, a stiffener is counter-screwed to the underside of the carrier board. This supports the PCB and ensures outstanding contact reliability.

The modular design consists of a base socket, the cavity for module mounting, a lid and a module-specific insert (pusher). Double spring-loaded contacts establish the connection between the OSMTM and the base or evaluation board.

Optionally, the cavity for holding the OSMTM also contains the corresponding tolerances, in case the OSMTM is fitted with components on the reverse side.

Summary of features:

  • Modular design for easy handling and maintenance
  • Double-sided spring-loaded contacts for solder-free contacting of the adapter on the base or evaluation board
  • Product-specific insert (pusher) in the cover for ideal force distribution and secure contacting

To support your safe, reliable, and on-time test and production start-up, an early integration into the development process of your Open Standard Modules is recommended to fix mechanical degrees of freedom according to your module specification.