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QSFP56 Connectors

QSFP56 Connectors for Data Networking

YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS keeps developing high-speed connectors for the data networking market. One development is the expansion of the QSFP series by the QSFP56 host connector. This CN120 series from YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS is available from mass production.

The QSFP56 host connector supports HDR 200G Infiniband. It is able to transmit signals at 56 Gbps per channel and complies to the standards SFF- 8436 and SFF-8662 as a card-edge interface connector to the transceiver module.

According to the PCB footprint there are two versions on the market, the so-called type A and type B. YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS´ QSFP56 is designed according to type A. The pin count is 38 which is the same as of previous versions with less speed: QSFP, QSFP+ and QSFP28. All contacts are gold-plated 0.76 μm min., reliable for high-speed data transmission, and designed for SMT mounting. The mating face is compatible with the previous versions.

The mechanical kit is designed for usage with QSFP56. Cage, heatsink, heatsink clip and light pipe are available as optional components. Thus the customer can choose the ideal connector configuration from a package of host connector and mechanical kit.

Besides the QSFP56, YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS developed the QSFP-DD connector. It is also in mass production and therefore available on the market. Recent measurements have proven that the signal integrity of the current QSFP-DD design fully complies with IEEE 802.3 ck (112 Gb/ch PAM4 modulation). This outstanding electrical performance is unique on the market so far.


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