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Cooperation with TE Connectivity

Cooperation with TE Connectivity about M12 Push-Pull Connector

YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS is teaming up with TE Connectivity (TE) to produce and promote a new design of push-pull M12 circular metric connector with an inner locking design for various industrial applications. The two companies are cooperating to campaign for the design to be included in a new IEC standard for M12 connectors with push-pull locking.

“YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS produces high-performance interconnection solutions for use in the most demanding applications of electronic systems,” says Monika Kuklok, director of product management Industrial Communication and Power at TE Connectivity. “It has created some interesting and efficient technology for M12 push-pull connectors, and we want to help it establish the standard in the market.”

Technical cooperation between the two companies will lead to the introduction of different versions of the connectors in the coming months. Overmolded connectors with A, B, D-coding are already available and the portfolio will be enlarged with field assembly types and further codings soon. This will quickly put YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS and TE and in a position to support the market with a broad product portfolio that will enable customers to introduce the new technology into their devices.

The market for M12 connectors with a push-pull interface is currently fragmented, owing to suppliers offering mutually incompatible designs. YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS and TE will work together to establish YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS’s design with inner locking as the accepted standard as defined by the IEC. YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS submitted its original proposal for the standard last year. An important advantage of the YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS design is that it is compatible with standard M12 connectors. Additionally, its push-pull locking mechanism allows fast and secure locking and unlocking – by only requiring the same outer space compared to standard screw type versions. Another feature is the possibility to integrate the connector into the device, junction box etc.

“The market needs a standard around M12 push-pull connectors so that it can be confident of using proven technology and so time-to-market of new products incorporating the inner push-pull technology can be cut back,” says Christoph Prem, Sales & Marketing Director at YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS. “The inner locking design merits being incorporated into an IEC standard.”

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