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Y-HDE – The Single Pair Ethernet Series for Automotive from Yamaichi Electronics

When looking into the future of the automobile, one sees – in addition to alternative drive concepts – above all autonomous driving as a goal. Already today, driver assistance systems are an integral part of our everyday lives, offering us comfort, safety and reliable service. Inside the vehicle, one thing in particular takes place for this purpose: data exchange.

The data rates that are sent and processed are enormous and the networking of the automobile is one of the most important components of driver assistance systems and autonomous driving systems.

The transmission of data must be secure and, above all, fast. Automotive Ethernet makes it possible to transmit these data volumes at high frequencies within the automobile.

Data rates up to 20 Gbps
With the Y-HDE series (HF116), Yamaichi Electronics offers the perfect connectors for this application. The High-Speed Data Ethernet connectors are capable of transmitting data rates of up to 20 Gbps.

LV214 and USCAR standards
At the same time, the Y-HDE connector meets all the requirements placed on automotive systems, such as qualification based on LV214 and the USCAR standard.

Mechanical and colour coding
The core of the Y-HDE connector is the differential contact pair, which is delimited by an external contact. In the 90° version, the contacts are continued via a die-cast housing which shields the data. The front insulating body, the so-called coding, is available in a variety of colours. Each colour is also assigned a mechanical coding. So there is double security against accidentally plugging in the wrong side of the cable.

Single, double and quad versions
The Y-HDE series is available as a single (i.e. with a differential contact pair), double or quad version. In addition, all versions are available in various colour and mechanical codings.
This allows the customer to make a flexible selection according to the application and the need for signal tracks. The Y-HDE series can be processed fully automatically using the THR process and is supplied in tape & reel packaging. Of course, Yamaichi also offers customised solutions for the Y-HDE series, e.g. as a panel version. In addition to the Y-HDE series, Yamaichi Electronics also offers other I/O connectors for data transmission, such as HSD, Fakra and MiniFakra connectors.