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 laying of the foundation stone

YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS lays the foundation for the future

Frankfurt / Oder. YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS is growing: Today, the company is laying the foundation stone for a new production site in the Markendorf business park in Frankfurt / Oder. The building in the Müllroser Chaussee will offer modern working environments for production, logistics and office space on around 7,000 square meters. For concept design, planning and building the new location, YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS relies on Vollack, the expert in methodic building design.

As of 2020, YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS, a leader in test and burn-in sockets, connectors and connector systems, will realize projects for the European market in the new production building. The decision in favor of the property in the immediate vicinity of the previous location has been made deliberately: "Over the past twelve years, our strong team in Frankfurt / Oder has built up so much know-how in the field of milling and cutting technology that only this one location was worth considering. Therefore, we can keep the current employees and we plan to create new jobs as well, "says Helge Puhlmann, European President of YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS, on the occasion of the laying of the foundation stone.

Optimize and map processes
The production site of YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS in Frankfurt / Oder was founded in 2006. Since then, the company has grown strongly and with it the space and staff requirements. With the spatial change, YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS wants to optimize its processes and map them in the new building. "Together with our customer, we have analyzed all the processes in the company and on this basis designed a tailor-made building solution that creates optimal conditions for further growth. In addition, employees will find ideal working conditions here in the future, "says Frank Bornemann, Partner and Managing Director at Vollack.

Logo shapes facade
The desire for an individual building solution will not only characterize the interior of the new building. Vollack has also developed the facade specifically for YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS. The stylized sine wave – a striking element in the company logo – can be found here on a large scale and sets impressive architectural accents.