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Y-Lock: The Innovative Connection for Battery Management and Cell Contacting Systems for E-Mobility

The requirements for battery management and cell contacting systems are constantly increasing within the automotive and e-mobility industry. Robust, space-saving, durable and flexible interfaces are of crucial importance here. As a renowned expert in the field of connection technology, this is just where Yamaichi Electronics comes in with the Y-Lock connector system, which, due to its innovative One-Push Lock mechanism, enables a fast and secure connection of flat flexible cables (FFC or FPC cables). After the Y-Lock has already been successfully established on the market in three versions, version 4 with new functionalities is now about to be launched.

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→ The Y-Lock connector system at a glance
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→ Y-Lock V3: The connector with double locking system
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    The Y-Lock connector system at a glance

    • Non-ZIF (One-Push Lock / Pullforce) connector system
    • Easy  mating of the FFC without opening or closing of a mechanism
    • The FFC is  mated and unmated without further operation of the connector
    • Quick and easy assembly
    • Designed and qualified for automotive use
    • Qualified based on LV214
    • The Y-Lock series has been reliably operating in various automotive applications for years

    Coming soon: Y-Lock V4 - the secure interface for e-mobility


    Y-Lock V4, the latest innovation in the series, acts as a pioneering non-ZIF connector and meets the increasing demands of battery technology. Its one-push lock mechanism and innovative non-ZIF connector design enable a secure connection, even in demanding applications.

    Like the Y-Lock V3, the Y-Lock V4 has a double locking mechanism. In addition, Yamaichi offers an optional CPA (Connector Position Assurance). As soon as this is activated, it is no longer possible to unlock the cable side. The Y-Lock V4 meets the requirements in the field of battery management and cell contacting systems, with efficient and secure data transmission.

    Y-Lock V4 uses the proven contact design of the Y-Lock series and is therefore particularly suitable for use in the automotive sector and in battery technology. Its integrated contact protection ensures contact reliability, even under voltage. The overall height of 4.5 mm makes Y-Lock V4 the optimal choice for space-critical applications. Various pitches and pin counts are available. Y-Lock V4 represents a future-proof connection solution for battery-powered vehicles and battery management systems.

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    Y-Lock V3: The connector with double locking system


    Y-Lock V3 uses a double locking system with frontal and lateral locking latches, which ensures extra security. The stiffener is equipped with additional guide pins that allow for smooth blind mating, especially in confined and/or out-of-sight installation spaces.

    This blind mating system ensures trouble-free connections, while the Poka-Yoke function ensures that FFC or FPC cannot be inserted twisted by 180°. With a gold-plated version, a low profile of 3.9 mm and a 90° version with 1 mm or 2 mm pitch and 20/10 pins, Y-Lock offers versatile options.

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    Y-Lock V1 - V3 at a glance

    Experience the Y-Lock V1 to V3 in action! In this demonstrative video you get a short and comprehensive overview of the advanced features as well as the versatile application areas of these innovative locking solutions:

    Here you will find an overview of all versions:


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