The Industrial Market

Our Industrial Connector Series meet the Challenge

Harsh environment, long lifetime and durability are some of the key requirements for connectors used in industrial applications. Yamaichi Electronics offers a wide range of industrial connectivity products such as I/O and internal connectors as well as customised cable assemblies. Cable assemblies are available with our unique one-step “Hermetic Sealed” overmolding technology.


Anschlüsse an Steuerungseinheiten in Erdbewegungsmaschinen

Products of the Y-Con industrial connector series are built in into the whole product range of earth moving machines of Liebherr for connecting control units.

Industrieroboter KUKA

Kuka Robotics uses our Y-Con® industrial RJ45 connector series in robot controls and Industrial Ethernet networks.

LXM32 encoder and drive from Schneider Electric

LXM32 encoder and drive from Schneider Electric. Both are equipped with a Y-Con® RJ45 interface with IP20 locking by Yamaichi Electronics for improved vibration protection.


Y-Con® Series for Industrial RJ45 and USB Applications

Our IP protected, ruggedised connector and cabling system Y-Con® includes RJ45 and USB connectors & cable assemblies. A unique feature on the market is the optional integration of power contacts into the RJ45 mating face for transmission of up to 3.1A.

Y-Circ P and Y-Circ M Circular Connectors

The circular connector series Y-Circ P with special push-pull locking mechanism and full metal housing ensures high-performance connectivity.

The M12 circular connector series Y-Circ M includes A, B, and D onnectors in straight and angled form. A special feature is the modular system that premits the individual configuration of 360° shielding and vibration protection.

Y-Lock FFC Connector/Cable System

Our board-to-cable non-ZIF connector system Y-Lock improves the vibration resistance of FFC connections and ensures secure and easy locking of the FFC even with limited installation space.


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