The Semiconductor Market

The Semiconductor sector is a highly competitive market, where Yamaichi Electronics stands out with decades of experience in contacting semiconductors. Yamaichi Electronics is the global market leader in IC Test & Burn-in sockets, with experience going back to the pioneering days of the very first semiconductors and even before, supporting vacuum tubes with sockets.

Application Example


Tesat builds in ICs in satellites, which are tested by Yamaichi test sockets.


Highest Quality and Reliability in Contacting of Semiconductors

Our product portfolio can be divided mainly into burn-in sockets, test contactors, HDI-PCBs and spring probe pins. With the finest pitch sizes, our well-proven CMT contact technology (Compression Mount Technology) and compact ruggedised designs, we guarantee outstanding contact reliability and endurance.

Our test adapters have high electrical performance and advanced temperature capabilities.

Tailor-made solutions are one of our specialities. Our customers can benefit from our cutting-edge tools and production technologies, our in-house design, our manufacturing, assembly and qualification capabilities.

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