AWG 30 (7/0.1mm) Multi Pair Cable (30V, 80°C)

  • High Density Multi twisted-pair cable with 30AWG conductors in a round jacket
  • Twisted pair effective against Crosstalk
  • Single and double shield available for RFI / EMI reduction
  • UL Style No. 20276
Conductor Resistance: 362W/km max.
Insulation Resistance:1MΩ min. (km)
Dielectric Strength:350 V AC / min.
Flame Resistance:VW-1
Insulation: PVC
Conductor:30 AWG (7/0.1mm) stranded copper wire
Shielding:Aluminium foil and a 28 AWG drain wire
Jacket: PVC, colour warm grey

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