micro-SD Card Connectors

micro-SD Card Connector, Locking Type (AUTOMOTIVE COMPLIANT)

Series: PJS
  • PJS008-4100-0-VE
  • 2-point contact design
  • Inner spring coil ensures card position also in vibration and shock conditions

micro-SD Card Connector, Push-Push

Series: PJS
  • PJS008-2130-0
  • Super low profile of 1.5mm
  • Card detector and lock mechanism

micro-SD Card Connector, Push-Push

Series: PJS
  • PSJ008-2120-0
  • Super low profile of 1.5mm
  • Special card brake (indepedant from card thickness)

micro-SD Card Connector, Push-Push, Reversed Type

Series: PJS
  • PJS008-2004-1
  • Card lock mechanism
  • Smooth extraction function by Push-in /Push-out of card

micro-SD Card Reader, Vertical Mount, Manual Type

Series: PJS
  • PJS008U-3000-0
  • Robust dip soldering terminal
  • Small board space

micro-SD Card Connector, Hinge Type

Series: PJS
  • Easy handling due to hinged cover
  • Locking function of hinge cover
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