Board Edge Connector (BEC)

High Speed Board Edge Connector (BECHS) with 230 Pins, SMT - (Automotive Compliant)

Series: BECHS
  • Transferring High speed data rates to support USB3.0. HDMI, PCIe2.0 and SATA
  • Designed for use at Automotive and other rough applications
  • Reliable contact design

High Speed Board Edge Power Connector (BECPOW) with 10 Pins, SMT - (Automotive Compliant)

Series: BECPOW
  • Transferring power via 10 x 1.5A
  • For use together with BEC high speed version
  • Supporting assembly of module through additional spring

Board Edge Connector (BEC) with 230 pins, SMT - (Automotive Compliant)

Series: BEC
  • 0.5mm pitch, 230 pins, 0.5mm mating height
  • tested and qualified for automotive applications
  • mating area compatible with Qseven and MXM 1.0 standard cards
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