High Speed Board Edge Connector (BECHS) with 230 pins, SMT - (Automotive Compliant)

  • Transferring High speed data rates to support USB3.0. HDMI, PCIe2.0 and SATA
  • Designed for use at Automotive and other rough applications
  • Meets the standards MXM and Qseven
  • Reliable contact design
  • Additional fixation of the module with screws at the connector possible
  • 230pins, 90°, 0.5mm pitch
  • 314 pin version available on request
  • Mating height 5mm
  • Production site TS16949 certified

Insulation Resistance:250MΩ at 500V DC
Withstanding Voltage: 500V ACrms for 1 minute
Contact Resistance: 40mΩ max.
Current Rating:0.5A
Voltage Rating: 50V DC
Operating Temp. Range:–40°C to +85°C
Mating Cycles:30 times


High Performance Copper Alloy

Contact Plating:

Contact Area - Selective Gold Flash, 15µ" or 30µ"

Solder Area - Gold Flash

Underplate - Ni


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